Product Description

We gathered the best ingredients we could find from both Japan and the United States to create this newly updated Tantan Ramen Soup Base!
The flavor is ultra savory and sophisticated – you can taste and smell the soul-soothing chicken flavors
combined with genuine Japanese sesame; once you taste it, you will keep coming back for more!
There is not a doubt in our mind that you will not be disappointed in the new, US made Tantan Ramen Soup Base!

Vegan Friendly

How to use

Thin the ramen base by combining 1 part of this product with 6 parts hot water or broth.

(Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.)


2.2 lb. (1 kg.) x 10

Available Regions

North America

Latin America

Basic instructions for use (recipe)

Dipping Tantan Ramen


Noodles – 1 bunch
Cha-shu (roasted pork) -2,3 pieces
Vegetables – A small amount



Boil Tantan Soup Base and hot water/broth (ratio 1:3.5).
Serve with noodle, vegetable, chashu and Tantan Dipping Soup.
Add chili oil and vinegar with preference.

Cold Tantan Ramen


Noodles – 1 bunch
Vegetables – A small amount



Mix Tantan Soup Base with cold water (ratio 1:2).
Rinse boiled noodle with cold water, then drain water from noodle.
Sprinkle Tantan Soup to Noodle and serve with vegetable and miso meat.
Add Chili oil with preference.

Sichuan Style Tantan Ramen


Noodles – 1 bunch
Ginger – A small amount
Ground Pork – A small amount
Bamboo Shoot – A small amount
Shitake Mushroom – A small amount



Stir fry ginger, ground pork, bamboo shoot and shitake mushroom. Add Tantan Soup Base, stir fry until juice is gone.
Mix Tantan Soup base and hot water/broth (ratio 1:7).
Serve with noodle, vegetables, stir fried pork.
Finish with sprinkle Sichuan Pepper and Sichuan Pepper oil on top.