Syantan Base EX

Syantan Base EX

Product Description

This all-purpose soup base is a blend of clear soup with oils, spices, and vegetables. Brings out flavorful subtleties in shio (salt-based) ramen and all types of dishes.

How to use

(Shio ramen) Thin the ramen base by combining 1 part of this product with 11 parts hot water or broth. (Fried rice) Mix in ½ oz. of this product for a finishing touch.

35.2 fl. oz. (2.2 lb./1 kg.) x 10
Available Regions
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia

Basic instructions for use (recipe)

Shio (Salt) Ramen



Noodles – 1 bunch

Cha-shu (roasted pork) – 2-3 pieces

Green onions – A small amount

Bamboo shoots – A small amount


Cooking Directions

Pour 2 oz. of this product into a bowl along with 12 oz. of hot water or broth. Boil the noodles, place into the bowl, and add toppings to make the finished dish.


Add as desired





Shrimp Fried Rice


Ingredients for 2 people

8 pieces of shrimp
a bit of sake
14 oz of cooked rice
2 eggs
1/2 oz of Syantan
1/2 oz of green onion
1/2 oz cooking oil


Cooking Directions

Soak the shrimp in sake for 10 min.
Heat the frying pan with cooking oil in it.
Stir fry eggs, shrimp, cooked rice, and green onion for 5 min, then add Syantan and cook again for 3 min until the sauce covers the ingredients.

Clam Chowder


Ingredients for 4 people

1/2 onion
1/2 carrot
2 potatoes
2 oz corn
7 oz clam
1 spoon wheat
1/3 oz butter

1/3 oz Syantan Base
17 oz water
9.5 oz milk


Cooking Directions

Dice onions, carrots, and potatoes.  Soak Clam in water to get rid of the sand.  Stir fry onions and carrots with butter and add wheat while stir frying.  Add all of the ingredients in to the soup mixture and boil for 10 minutes.

Tomato Ramen


Ingredients for 1 person

6 oz Noodles
1 oz Sliced Pork
3.5 oz Tomato (Diced)
1/4 onion
0.3 oz Olive Oil
Italian Basil for garnish
Shredded Cheese (as much as you like)
1 oz Syantan Base EX
12 oz Hot water
1 clove Garlic
1 teaspoon Sugar


Cooking Directions

Chop up onions, garlic, and basil.  Stir fry it with olive oil.  Boil noodle, place it in a soup (Tomato, Syantan Base EX, and hot water mixture), and garnish it like the picture.