Product Description

Somi Shantan all-purpose soup base/seasoning is made with a blend of oils, spices, and vegetables. Shantan brings out the flavorful subtleties of Shio (salt-based) ramen, as well as providing richness to a wide array of dishes.

How to use

Combine 1 part of this product with 11 parts hot water or broth.

Additionally, you can use this product as an umami booster for various dishes from fried rice, to the filling for dumplings, karaage marinade, and more!

(Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.)


2.2 lb. (1 kg.) x 10

Available Regions

North America

Latin America


Basic instructions for use (recipe)

Shio Ramen


Noodles – 1 bunch
Cha-shu (roasted pork) – 2-3 pieces
Green onions – A small amount
Bamboo shoots – A small amount


Cook noodle with boiled water. Pour 1oz Somi Shantan Base with 11oz hot water or broth into bowl.
Drain water from noodles, place into soup.
Add toppings (Chashu, Green Onion, Bamboo Shoots).

Fried Rice (for 2 people)


Shrimp -8 piece
Cooked rice -14oz
Egg -2 piece
Somi Shantan Base EX -0.5oz
Green Onion -0.5oz
Cooking oil -A small amount


Heat frying pan with oil.
Cook scramble egg and remove from pan.
Heat frying pan with oil again. Cook shrimp, rice, green onion until fully cooked.
Place back cooked egg in to frying pan and add Somi Shantan Base EX.

Gyoza (for 4 people)


Ground pork  -10oz
Cabbage -7oz
Chive -1oz
Ginger -A small amount
Garlic -A small amount
Gyoza skin -32 to 40 pieces
Cooking oil -A small amount
Somi Shantan Base EX -1/4oz
Soy Sauce -1/6oz
Sesame oil  -1/3oz


Chop Cabbage, Chive, Ginger, Garlic. Mix all chopped vegetables, ground pork, Somi Shantan Base EX, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil.
Wrap mixed ground pork with Gyoza skin.
Heat frying pan with oil, cook until browned on the bottoms. Add enough water to come just under a quarter of the way up gyoza, cover lid and let the water cook away until pan is dry. Remove the lid increase heat to let gyoza crisp up on bottoms.

Karaage (for 2 people)


Chicken thigh  -10oz
Ginger -A small amount
Garlic -A small amount
Cooking sake -1/2tbsp
Somi Shantan Base EX -1/2tsp
Water -1tsp
Potato Starch -3tbsp
Flour -3tbsp
Cooking oil -enough to submerge chicken


Cut chicken into bite-size pieces.
Mix chicken, garlic, ground ginger, sake, and Somi Shantan Base EX and marinate for at least 15 minutes in the fridge.
Heat the cooking oil to 340F. Fry the chicken until golden brown and fully cooked.
Serve with lemon and/or dipping sauce.