Product Description

This authentic Tonkotsu Ramen Soup Base blends high-quality Tonkotsu broth with vegetables and various ingredients.

NO MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) added.

How to use

Ratio: 1 to 9

Example: Combine 1 oz of No MSG Paitan and 9 oz of hot water or broth.

For best result, if you use 6 oz of noodle, add 1.8 oz of No MSG Paitan and 16 oz of hot water or broth.


60 fl. oz. (1.8 L) x 6

Available Regions

North America

Latin America


SOMI FOODS Paitan Ramen

Basic instructions for use (recipe)



5 or 6 oz of Noodles
A couple pieces of Cha-shu (roasted pork)
Chopped Green onions
3-5 pieces of Bamboo shoots


Pour 1.8 oz. of Paitan and 16 oz. of hot water or broth into a bowl.  Add boiled noodles and desired toppings.

Add as desired

Boiled egg
Red ginger
Kikurage (Wood Ear Mushroom)
Dried seaweed