Somi Curry Sauce

Somi Curry Sauce

Product Description

Well Stewed Special Curry




Water, Onion, Sugar, Canola oil, Wheat flour, Tomato paste, Pork fat, Curry powder, Hydrolyzed protein (Fish, Corn, Wheat), Sauteed onion (Onion, Palm oil), Soy sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat, Alcohol), Salt, Potato flakes, Garlic, Modified corn starch, Spices, Corn powder.

Contains: Soybeans, Wheat, Fish

How to use

Somi Curry Sauce can be used in so many ways, Pork Cutlet Curry, Curry Ramen Noodles, Curry Udon Noodles, Curry Hot Pot and more.

NET WT. 4.4lb(2kg)
Available Regions
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Europe

Basic instructions for use (recipe)

curry ramen

Curry Ramen 

Cooking Directions

SOMI Curry Sauce 100g, SOMI Paitan 30g, Hot watar 270cc

curry udon

Curry Udon 

Cooking Directions

SOMI Curry Sauce 200g, Somi Sobatsuyu 20cc, Hot water 100cc

To Go Curry Rice

Cooking Directions


SOMI Curry Sauce 180g,

Rice 200g , Cutlet slices over the rice.

Serve curry in a separate to go container.