Product Description

We gathered the best ingredients we could find from both Japan and the U.S. to create this new updated Miso Ramen Soup Base.
The flavor is full bodied, rich and complex – made from fresh Miso, various vegetables, and deep pork flavor;
No.1 Miso Ramen Soup in U.S.!

How to use

Combine with 1 part of Somi Miso Ramen Soup Base with 6-7 parts of hot water or stock/broth of your preference.

(Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.)


2.2 lb. (1 kg.) x 10

Available Regions

North America

Latin America

Basic instructions for use (recipe)

Miso Ramen


Noodles – 1 bunch
Cha-shu (roasted pork) -2,3 pieces
Green onions – A small amount
Bean sprouts – some
Bamboo shoots – some

(Optional toppings: butter, corn)



Pour 2 oz. of this product into a bowl along 12 oz. of hot water or broth.
Boil the noodles, place into the bowl, and add toppings to make the finishing dish.