Sobatsuyu (Japanese soup base / Dashi)

Sobatsuyu (Japanese soup base / Dashi)

Product Description

This richly flavorful tsuyu uses plenty of carefully selected katsuobushi for an elegant, mild touch. Can be used in any dish including udon and soba.

How to use

Thin the tsuyu by combining 1 part of this product with 3 parts cold water. (For dipping)

Thin the tsuyu by combining 1 part of this product with 5 parts hot water. (For hot soba/udon)

60 fl. oz. (1.8 L) x 6

Basic instructions for use (recipe)

Zaru Soba (Dipping)



Noodles – 1 bunch

Green onion – A Small amount


Cooking Directions

Mix 1 oz. of this product into 3 oz. of cold water. Boil the noodles, cool in water, and serve in a bamboo basket.


Add as desired


Hiyashi Ramen



6 oz of Noodles

A couple pieces of cha shu


1/2 Boiled egg

6 oz of Somi Soba Tsuyu

 12 oz of cold water


Cooking Directions

To make the soup, mix 6 oz of Somi Soba Tsuyu and 12 oz of cold water.  Keep it in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Boil the noodles for about 5-7 minutes, strain it, and then wash it in cold water to get rid of slimy.

Pour  the soup in a bowl and place the noodles with all of the toppings on it.

Nitamago (Seasoned boiled egg)



Sauce (Sobatsuyu 1 : Water 1)

Cooking Directions

Boil eggs then peel.

Soak eggs in sauce (12 hours)