Contract Manufacturing


If you are seeking a manufacture to craft you your own private labeled products, look no further.

Somi Foods has the experience and expertise to create you your customized flavor and packaging for your needs.

We are equipped with brand-new production equipment installed in 2020, and have the knowledge and R&D fitness of over 70 years of experience.


● Minimum order quantity will be 2 lots of 4,400 lb (2,000 kg), per year.

● Depending on your needs and specifications we can produce the product out of the US or Japan.

● Products we can manufacture include, but not limited to:  

○Ramen Soup Base Concentrates 

○Sauces with low water content  ■ Sweet, Salty, Concentrate

○Sauce with medium water content (i.e. BBQ Sauce, Glazing Sauce, etc.).

○Salad Dressings or sauces that contain vinegar/ acids

○Sauces/ Dressings with meat extracts


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