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Headquarters in Kyoto, JAPAN

Main Factory in Kyoto, JAPAN

US Headquarters and Factory in the State of Washington

Since 1950, when SOMI was established in Kyoto, we have made every endeavor to provide high quality soups and seasonings to the food service industry. Our products have been trusted and accepted by thousands of renowned restaurants in Japan as the cornerstone of their rich flavors. Our annual sales for 2021 were 28.849 billion Japanese yen (253 million USD, Exchange Rate: JPY 114 = USD 1) with a staff of 500 employees. One of the most distinctive features of Somi, in addition to the reliability of our products and the company’s financial health, is the exalted reputation in soup crafting, especially for the noodle-dishes such as “Ramen”, “Soba” and “Udon”. These Japanese dishes are rising in popularity in an extreme rate as an international food phenomenon. Our business has been expanding overseas along with the worldwide expansion of Japanese food services. We will continue our dedication to crafting premium flavors and delivering it to you.

The new factory in Blaine, WA has opened in June 2020. USDA Meat and Poultry certified,  US Organic certified.

Company Name SOMI FOODS INC.

US Headquarters and Factory | 2256 Odell Road, Blaine WA 98230 U.S.A.

Los Angeles Office | 2400 W Carson Street, Suite #110 Torrance,  CA 90501 U.S.A.

New York Office | 2460 Lemoine Avenue. Suite 407 Fort Lee, NJ 07024 U.S.A.

Amsterdam Office | Professor J.H. Bavincklaan 7 Office 005. 1183 AT   Amstelveen, Netherlands

Phone Number

WA| +1.360.671.1098


NY| +1.201.944.3212


Fax Number 310.755.2568
Japanese Headquarters Office 24-3 Shibafu, Yoko-Oji, Fushimi, Kyoto, JAPAN 612-8246 Phone: +81-75-612-3333 Fax: +81-75-602-8411